About me

I’m a reader, a writer and a teacher. I’ve always loved reading, held a passion for writing and think that being a teacher to young people is about the best thing you can do on the planet.

My debut book, Raid of the Ratskull Rodents came about after my wife and I moved up to Yorkshire in the summer of 2018. The fresh air and beautiful landscape inspired me to finally give the writing thing a real go.

At the end of 2019 we decided to go and sample the Italian lifestyle (my wife being Italian) and we now live just North of Milan.

As well as being a writer, I’m a teacher and have taught in schools for over five years, first in Essex, then in North London and Yorkshire and now at an English School in Italy.

In early 2020 my second book, “Chase for the Championship” will be coming out and I am over halfway through the first draft of the sequel to “Raid of the Ratskull Rodents”.

When I’m not writing or teaching, you’ll most likely find me climbing through the Italian alps, or cuddled up with my wife and cat on the sofa with a good book.