Free Resources

Raid of the Ratskull Rodents

Chapter 1 word search – Can you find some of the key vocabulary and characters from chapter 1?

Cover predictor – a great resource for schools. What can you learn about the book just from its cover?

What’s precious to you? – another great resource for schools; this time a writing task inspired by the events of the book.

More resources coming soon!


A free-to-download fictional football story.

Chase for the Championship is a short football story for young readers. Told from the perspectives of Yonis – a goalkeeper who supports Liverpool, and Sarah – a striker who supports Man City. The story follows their battle for their own league title. Whilst they also both pray that the team they support will lift the Premier League crown.
Complete with questions to think about after each chapter, Chase for the Championship is the perfect short-read for young footy fans.