Raid of the Ratskull Rodents

“Gus stared at him warmly and got a clear understanding of what he had to do. And what he had to do was to find Kaiden’s Kara. Find it today.”

When Gus the cat finds out his beloved owner has had something very sacred of his go missing, Gus smells foul play and is ready to investigate. What Gus isn’t quite ready for is just how difficult and downright dangerous it will be to get it back…

Who’s it for?

If you’re aged 7-11 and like adventure and mystery stories that involve courageous cats, revolting rats and gullible guinea pigs, all within a book that is going to keep you hooked, but challenge your reading, then Raid of the Ratskull Rodents is the book for you.

Why did I write it?

Being a full-time Primary School teacher, I know exactly how to challenge and engage Primary School children’s reading. It has also been a long-time ambition of mine to write a children’s book. I always knew that I wanted to write a book which children would enjoy, but also feel challenged by. I also knew, through my teaching experience that one of the things children need most throughout their reading is exposure to different and challenging vocabulary.

Enter my solution:

Raid of the Ratskull Rodents is a book full of different and challenging vocabulary, but rather than let readers be baffled by this, I have highlighted certain vocabulary in bold, then provided definitions in footnotes at the bottom of the page. I hope this will truly be a feature that young readers will appreciate.

Also accompanying Raid of the Ratskull Rodents in the near future will be:

  • Comprehension questions differentiated for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 readers
  • A glossary of all the challenging vocabulary used throughout the book
  • Writing tasks using the book as inspiration
  • Word searches, colouring-in pages and more…

Keep watching this space!